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Private, Semi-Private and Small Group Art Lessons by a certified K-12 Art Educator and practicing artist.

A variety of art mediums taught including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography and mixed media.

Teacher and practicing artist with 20 years art teaching experience.

Private Art Lessons

Discover the difference private art lessons can make in developing your child's creativity and skills. Local artist and art teacher, Susan Weres, offers a unique opportunity for your child to expand their creative abilities. Lessons are structured and paced to fit the needs of each individual student regardless of age or previous art experience. Each lesson is personally designed for individual students, centering on an art concept, fundamental art elements and principles while building upon the individual student's skills.

Students expand on their own creativity and talent, progress in their personal understanding of art and all its uses, and learn to apply their own abilities in many areas of art: Drawing, painting, design, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and mixed media. Students work at their own pace and all within the careful guidance of one-on-one instruction in a home studio environment. Susan's goal is to help all of her students foster a love for art and feel confident in their creative abilities.


Mrs. Weres - Art Studio
Art Studio Art Studio

About the teacher:

Susan Weres is an artist, muralist and art educator. She has a BFA and Art Education Certification from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She has 20 years experience as an art teacher (K-12). She has owned a mural & decorative art since 2000 and has an open working art studio.

Private Art Lessons:

Half Hour Lesson: $20 One Hour Lesson: $40 All materials included.
Semi-Private (2 students) One Hour Lesson $20 each
Small Groups (3-5 students) One Hour Lesson $15 each
Daytime or after-school hours available. - Groups up to 5 students available.
Art Studio Art Studio

Arlington Heights Studio Location: Contact Mrs. Weres at 847-322-1400 or