- Susan Weres - Decorative Artist

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A lifelong resident of the Chicago Northwest Suburbs, Susan Weres started drawing and painting at a very early age. Her first mural was created with crayon on a back wall in her parent's home at the age of 5. At a young age, she demonstrated a love and passion for artistic expression. Her creative spirit flows into all areas of her life.

She graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1989. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting and Drawing; however, her diversified studio education includes a variety of art mediums. She also received her certification in Art Education from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Susan has a vast teaching experience covering High School, Elementary and Middle School Art, since 1989. She has received private donations for her Art Curriculum Program, including a benefactor who funded the school's hand-painted tile mural completed in the Fall of 2004.  Susan teaches private Art Lessons in her home studio in Arlington Heights

She has had many exhibitions of her work during her career. Private individuals, businesses and non-for-profit organizations have commissioned her fine art paintings.

A member of Muralsplus and the International Directory of Decorative Painters, she is a full-time professional artist. She brings a deep dedication to her craft, a skilled eye, creative spirit, and a high respect for each project that she takes on.

Her preferred artwork includes murals, decorative hand-painted accents, and furniture. She also does studio art, which includes fine-art acrylic and oil paintings, watercolor, cast hand-made papers, bookmaking, and drawings in various mixed media.

Susan and her husband and two children currently live in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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Artist's Statement

Painting fills my spirit with joy. I love to paint and create beautiful works of art that can soothe, bring joy or inspire! The gift of creating a painted work of art and giving it to another person is a blessing. I feel most connected when I am enhancing the most personal of spaces in which we spend time, our homes.

In decorative art it is a matter of producing what is fulfilling for a specific person or suitable for a given space. A decorative work does not always have to convey a message (although it can); but, it also stands alone and is appreciated for the sake of visual pleasure.

Each mural or hand-painted piece is a unique work of art whose style, content, and role in the decor-or are the result of a synthesis of the client's wishes and intentions with the artist's skill and imagination. I enjoy the custom aspect of each project and the pleasure of working with the individual toward a common goal.

I love the part of transforming a space that can allow the viewer to be transported into another place. This element of imagination appealed to me ever since I was a child; now, I can participate fully in this process every day. I find I am most content when I am painting in this way.